Watervale Equity Partners

Experienced private equity investors dedicated to partnering with owners and management teams in the lower middle market to drive growth and operational improvement.

About Watervale

Our Strategy & Approach

Watervale Equity Partners was founded with the purpose of investing in and partnering with lower middle market manufacturers and distributors of industrial and consumer products. With decades of investing and operations experience, we are able to collaborate with management teams during the diligence process to identify and evaluate potential opportunities for growth, talent and resource development, and operational improvement. We then partner with management teams to prioritize and execute those opportunities post-acquisition. We believe that this collaborative, partnership approach has been and will continue to be a key driver of our team’s success.

Our track record at Linsalata Capital Partners includes
$0 million
of attributed equity investments in industrial, consumer, and distribution businesses
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Our track record at Linsalata Capital Partners includes
$0 million
of attributed equity investments in industrial, consumer, and distribution businesses
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Industries We Have Invested In:

Our Values

At Watervale, we recognize and appreciate many of the challenges that smaller, entrepreneurial companies face. We have spent our careers working alongside founders and management teams to help their businesses overcome these obstacles and achieve uncommon results. We look to draw on our experience and the many lessons we’ve learned along the way to find and partner with promising companies and help them achieve their vision.


Approach that resonates with owners and management teams. We are honest in our advice as we strive to build trust and strengthen relationships with our partners.


Building strong, lasting relationships is key to our success. We maintain a network of trusted contacts and resources that stand ready to assist management teams achieve their growth and improvement goals.


We believe that making thoughtful decisions and executing with a purpose is key to driving efficiency and accelerating an organization toward its broader goals.


Building a successful business requires great people and a commitment to teamwork. Partnering with entrepreneurial management teams and working collaboratively to achieve a shared vision will always be our passion.

Investment Criteria

We focus on making control investments in growing lower middle market companies with defined criteria in specific sectors where we have experience and demonstrated success. This provides us the opportunity to act quickly and decisively throughout the transaction process and provides a potential roadmap for value creation post-acquisition.

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Our Criteria
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Consumer & Industrial Products
  • Engineered Products & Services
  • Market Leaders with Clear Value Proposition & Barriers to Entry
  • Conservative Capital Structure


Enterprise Value

HQ in North America

Our Team

The Watervale Equity Partners team has over 50 years of combined experience working with companies and management teams to maximize their potential. Our team brings the approach, expertise, and experience necessary to generate results in today’s market.

Meet The Team

Our Team Has A Combined
0+ Years
of Private Equity Experience

Investment Experience

The Watervale Equity Partners team has developed expertise within a targeted set of industries and enjoyed a successful history of value creation by partnering with founders, owner-operators and existing management teams.

The following investments were made when one or more Watervale partners was a member of the Linsalata Capital Partners investment team and inclusion on this list of attributed investments has been approved by senior management at Linsalata Capital Partners.

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