Watervale Equity Partners Spins Out of Linsalata Capital Partners

Cleveland, Ohio (August 1, 2017) – Three long-tenured partners at Linsalata Capital Partners (“LinCap”) have formed Watervale Equity Partners (“Watervale”) to deploy an investment strategy focused on control investments in smaller transactions less than $6 million of EBITDA.

Mike Faremouth, Jim Guddy and Eric Bacon decided to form Watervale in conjunction with LinCap’s normal succession and strategic review process. The spin out from LinCap was very coordinated and thorough to ensure a smooth transition. “This is a very amicable process and I’m excited for the Watervale team as they move forward,” said Frank Linsalata, Founder and Chairman of LinCap.

Watervale will be focused on smaller companies that may fall below the radar of the lower middle market where the partners can apply their experience building stronger businesses. “We believe there is a unique opportunity to apply our experience in the lower middle market to smaller companies and help develop management teams, enhance sales growth and operations while establishing more effective systems and processes,” said Mike Faremouth, Co-Founder and President at Watervale. “We have seen consistent deal flow in Watervale’s sweet spot that didn’t fit the acquisition criteria for LinCap but was very interesting to us,” added Jim Guddy, who is a Co-Founder and Managing Director at

Watervale. Eric Bacon, who has spent 27 years at LinCap, will also join Watervale as a Managing Director and Co-Founder. “As Mike and Jim described their vision for the firm, I grew very excited about the opportunity to join them and focus on smaller businesses which is where I began my career at LinCap 27 years ago.”

About Watervale Equity Partners

Watervale will be located in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of Beachwood and will soon launch its deal sourcing and fundraising activities. For more information, please visit

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